Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Getting Grandma Home

I play the piano at several nursing homes in my area. It really saddens me to see these older people each day; most of them are slumped forward in wheel chairs. Sometimes, they just appear to be sleeping, but what an uncomfortable position! I keep thinking their backs just must be killing them! The first time I saw this, I started to approach the resident when suddenly, they snapped straight up, like they had just been taking a cat nap. "Well" I thought "It's a good thing I didn't interfere. I might have embarrassed them and myself". But as my visits increase, I see this all the time. My daughter suggested to me that maybe they just can't sit up straight. But I know that many of them can. I want to say something, but since it's everwhere, I ask this just normal? And then I ask myself, Is this kind of normal good? Now I want to talk about something else I see; lack of fresh air. One of the nursing homes I play at doesn't let anyone outside. At least not that I have ever seen. Let's think about what I just said; Inside. Not for days, or weeks, but months...and years. What would that feel like? As a stay at home mom, I kind of know that feeling. But not for months. Why do people seem to think that getting grandma out once a month is so okay? Would any of us be okay with just getting out of the house once a month? How about once a week, would that be enough?