Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I hope when Jesus comes, I am doing more than telling others how to live their lives...I don't want him to find me blogging but not doing, preaching but not living it.I hope when Jesus comes, my heart is pure and my life is right. I don't want him to find me living a lazy, half=hearted exixstence.
I  hope when Jesus comes back that I am not yelling at my kids, scolding my husband, sleeping in late, or goofing off.
I hope when Jesus comes back that I am about my fathers business.

Little Ruthie.

I remember a woman at a church I used to attend, named Ruth.
She was very....aromatic.
She didn't pronounce all of her words correctly.
She talked slow.
One night after surface, and I kid you not, the PASTOR's wife, yes, his wife, walked out of the bathroom, waved her hands and went "WHEWie, something STINks in there! What is that smell!!"
(no, it wasn't what  you think). It was little ruthie, God's sweetheart.
I watched in horror as the Pastors wife embarrased shamed and rebuked that poor woman for not bathing. I told her before I left "What if that woman doesn't have a place to bathe at? Are you sure she doesn't?"
"Yes, she does." The woman said "She told me she can wash up at her sisters"
And while we were talking, I noticed a shower stall at the church.
Couldn't someone have politely invited her (privately) to use the showers at church?
I wonder if Jesus always smelled real nice
At church last night, I watched a movie on evangelism. The preached told a story of a good samaritan who dropped of a bum at the door of the church. He said,"this is My friend. I am coming soon. Take care of him. Do whatever it takes to tend to his needs, and when I return, I will pay you back"
The church is the inn keeper.
We are the church.
Christ is both the man at the door, and the good samaritan.
What are we doing with the people He brings us?
Do we charge them money for certain events, and leave them out sometimes?

The Elephant walk

This week, we went to the Topeka Zoo. I saw this elephant, and for some reason, I felt like I needed to stop and watch him. Most people glanced quickly, and went on. But there was a lesson. I felt it. So I stayed.
 I began noticing that the elephant always stayed in one place. He would pace back and forth, in place on two feet, swinging his trunk. My daughter later said that she was sure that one of his back feet never left the ground.
You know what happened don't you? That poor little guy had probably been chained as a child.
I saw the misery in his eyes. I wanted to scream at him look (big) little guy! You have a whole yard to play in now! Run! YOu are freeee!
The more I watched him, the madder I got.
Because it reminded me of me.
I have habits.
I am free in Christ.
I need to be reminded.

The man with the red bandana

Last night at church, we watched a video on evangelism. They told a story about someone who was a hero at the twin towers. His family had been looking for him day after day, reading the list of survivors. One day, his mother was reading in the newspaper about the hero who had been helping rescue people. Her heart sunk when she heard the story about the man with the red bandana. Survivors said that this man, with a red bandana had been helping lead people to safety. From the time he was a boy, my son had carried a red bandana everywhere, she said. Her son had found an exit, and he stood up and yelled, “hey, everyone, I found the stairs.” He was seen carrying a woman on his back, and helping people to safety. “Everyone, grab whoever you can and follow me out”.