Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jesus is not an angel according to the word of God

Jehovah’s witnesses, Mormons and Seventh day Adventists teach that Jesus is an angel.

Seventh day Adventists and Jehovahs Witnesses both came from a group called the Millerites.

Jesus is not an angel according to the word of God

Hebrews Chapter one makes this very clear

Jesus purged our sins by Himself.  Hebrews 1:3

Jesus sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on High Heb. 1:3

God appointed the Son to be heir of all things Heb. 1:2

God made the worlds by His son Heb. 1:2

Jesus has a more excellent name than they angels  Heb 1:4

Jesus is better than the angels  Heb: 1:4  (not better than the “other” angels. He is not an angel. If he was, it would have read “better than the other angels”)

See, right here is where a lot of 7th day Adventists miss it. They have been so preconditioned to thinking Christ is an angel, they subconsciously add the word “other”. The Jehovahs Witnesses actually alter their scriptures and add the word “other” throughout these texts. This is not surprising. Remember, they both sprang from the same group, the Millerites.

Only Jesus is called the Son. No other angels are Heb. 1:5

Only Jesus (not any angel) is begotten of the Father. Hebrews 1:5

He got his name through inheritance Heb 1:4

When Jesus was brought into this world, the angels worshipped him at God’s bidding Heb. 1:5

Jesus’ throne is forever and ever.  Heb 1:8

The angels are ministers Heb. 1:7

But Jesus is God! Heb. 1:8

Monday, December 15, 2014


Don't be a chicken.  Tell someone about Jesus today

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

An Open Letter to Pastors RE: ISIS CRISIS

Recently, three American Rabbis were shot and killed in their synagogue by Hamas. The Rabbis were praying for peace. They are survived by three widows and twenty-four children.

 Recently Washington invited Muslims only to attend a private prayer in the National Cathedral. Since Muslims everywhere believe we are the great Satan, do I really believe that they are praying for peace? No one shot and killed these Muslims. On the contrary, only one protester was there.

 She was a Christian woman who had driven all the way from Tennessee to make her voice known. Somehow she slipped into the service. She was not disruptive and she definitely did not harm anyone, however she did make her voice heard.

She said something to this effect: We are a Christian nation, we serve our lord Jesus Christ. That cross over there is a cross like the one Jesus died on. This is a church. Even though we are Christians we allow you Muslims to build Mosques in our country. Why must you come in our churches to pray?

 Again, she harmed no one and calmly stated the truth, yet she was forcibly removed from this Christian cathedral of our great nation. Conversely, the welcomed Muslims prayed everywhere with their faces to the ground Also, Muslims believe that when they pray on a piece of property, it becomes “sacred” and belongs to them

But perhaps the most important thing we need to remember is, these are the same people who have sworn that they would raise their Muslim flag over the White House. I think it’s time that we as Christians make our voices heard and take back America. After all, this is a Christian Nation and it was founded on Christian principles.

  One of the amazing things to me is that this cross still exists in the National Cathedral. It would have been unfathomable to our forefathers to ever think that one day Christian prayer would be replaced with Muslim prayer and I think they would want us to do something about it.

 That’s why this Sunday I’m encouraging all pastors to make this day different. I’ve decided to call it “Make a difference Sunday” because really, that’s what Christ has called us to do. But it doesn’t matter what you call it, the point is, we all have a pen and most of us can afford a stamp.

This Sunday I urge you to put the names and addresses of your area’s Senators, congressmen and representatives on the overhead of your church. Urge your parishioners to make a difference and write their representatives. You needn’t be “political” if that bothers you, you need only state the facts of what’s happening. Most people would write if they knew who to write, so make that plain and they will take action. But if you don’t tell them, they won’t know what’s going on. If you give them no CLEAR call to action they will not act. So this Sunday, I am asking you to please make a difference. Encourage your people to take a stand and make their voice heard.

  Together, we can make a difference.