Saturday, September 15, 2012

Take your pulse and feel your zeal

God is calling all believers to have a closer walk, a deeper walk with him. But some believers do not

desire to get closer to God.

Badly enough.

Badly enough to sacrifice and make changes.

The truth is, we all know what we need to do to be closer to God. We just don't want it badly enough to do it. Simple things.

Things like:

Turning off the television

Reading a chapter of Bible each morning

Writing down a prayer request list

Getting on our knees for 10 minutes every evening and every morning.

The truth is. We did much more than this in our early days with Jesus.

So what happened??

We cooled off.

We are no longer fiery in our zeal for Christ. Now, we are cold, or even worse, room temperature (lukewarm).

Yes, that's right...lukewarm is even worse than cold, because “lukewarm” means straddling the fence. And Jesus hates it. HATES it (Revelations 3:15)