Thursday, April 19, 2012

Princess Crusie ship refuses to rescue stranded fishermen

It's really true.  The Elite Princess line of Carnival cruises deliberately passed up an opportunity to rescue three stranded fisherman in the middle of the ocean.
The fisherman cried and pleaded with the cruise ship to pick them up, but the cruise line refused.
Passengers said they felt helpless as they watched the cruise ship sail on by deliberately ignoring the fisheremen's pleas, who had been stranded 28 days!
How do you think those men felt, who had been praying for a rescue ship, only to watch the snobscooner sail on by?
Do you feel sick to your stomach hearing this story?
So do I . Everytime I hear about a church that charges money for some financial breakthrough seminar, I groan, knowing that those who need it most can't put it on visa and go.
Or will have to put it on visa, if they are to attend the event.
Does it really seem fair?
Was the church designed to operate this way?
There will always be people in favor of saving those who don't have a ticket.
Thank God for those who pay for the less fortunate to attend these events.
BUT REALLY!!! What would happen if a throng of homeless, poor, lost or desperate attendants came, without cash, to attend these events?
Would everyone have their way paid by someone?
What would happen if everyone refused to go to an event that charged, unless they could bring (treat) a poor person?
What if everyone refused to pay a mandatory fee, and suggested that donations were the only means of payment?
Would the same God who fed five thousand people with two fish, and who fed a fish a gold coin, really honor such a Christlike arrangement?

The passengers said they felt helpless, but you know, they really weren't. They all could have stood on deck, hand in hand and jumped in (or threatened to.)