Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Real Church

Why do we need to have our fannies pampered with cushy pews?
Why do we have to have fancy carpeting in our churches?
Why do preteens have to have expensive, Disney themed Vacation Bible School Curriculum?
Why do Christians who live two doors down from one another take separate fuel hogging vehicles to the place of worship?
Why do I keep letting food go bad after every meal?
Why do I feel deprived that I buy my clothes second hand?
Do I real deserve Buffet every friday? Why can't I be happy with McDonalds twice a year?
If Christmas is the birthday of our saviour, why should I complain if I get nothing?

You're no brain surgeon

It's like this...someone is laying in the road bleeding to death. There they are. I pull my car over. I dive out. First, I call for someone "qualified" . NO one comes, cause know one cares. Even though the dude is layed out on a highway by the hospital. Surgeon after surgeon drives by, and leaves him dying. (They've got a church service//er, i mean a job to get to). Finally, using superglue, staples, and duct tape, I wedge the vicitm's head back together, drive him to the hospital, and admit him. Does anyone thank me. Heck no. All i get is, "Maam, you really should have called for help" or "Do you have a degree?" or "you know, we can only hope that this raw approach doesn't lead to infection.It weirds me out how people who have never won anyone to Jesus like to critique other people's "witnessing" styles."Oh, that's just too bold....after all, you don't want to scare anyone away, do you?"or, "That technique might work with YOU, sue, but most of us like to cultivate a relationship first"That's cool. But you'd think after 20 years, they'd find that opening to share.When I lead people to Jesus, and other christians insist that my style is too "in your face", I feel like tearing my hair out.WHO CARES IF I'm confrontational. I'm saying something, and you're saying nothing. Look, if there's a buger in my nose, for crying out loud, someone tell me. I hope you say it nicely. I hope you are tactful. But still, if the only one real enough to tell me about my problem is 4 years old, then let me know, kid.