Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Little Ruthie.

I remember a woman at a church I used to attend, named Ruth.
She was very....aromatic.
She didn't pronounce all of her words correctly.
She talked slow.
One night after surface, and I kid you not, the PASTOR's wife, yes, his wife, walked out of the bathroom, waved her hands and went "WHEWie, something STINks in there! What is that smell!!"
(no, it wasn't what  you think). It was little ruthie, God's sweetheart.
I watched in horror as the Pastors wife embarrased shamed and rebuked that poor woman for not bathing. I told her before I left "What if that woman doesn't have a place to bathe at? Are you sure she doesn't?"
"Yes, she does." The woman said "She told me she can wash up at her sisters"
And while we were talking, I noticed a shower stall at the church.
Couldn't someone have politely invited her (privately) to use the showers at church?
I wonder if Jesus always smelled real nice