Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Grandpa's Spoon

The day grandpa came home was exciting for everyone; the entire family had known this day would come. Grandpa had been having trouble mowing his lawn, and driving his car safely. With joy, the family ushered him into the house and showed him his new room.

It didn't take long for grandpa to settle in. At first, it was glorious. The mom and dad loved the relationship that grandpa and their son had together. And at night, they would all gather around grandpa while he told his war stories.

But as time grew on, Grandpa began to face some challenges; sometimes he'd forget things, like what time it was. He would sometimes think it was morning when it was evening. And his hand-to-eye coordination was changing.

As time progressed, grandpa began to be a nuisance. Meal time became clean-up time. Grandpa would spill his milk all over the table. And sometimes, the peas wouldn't stay on his spoon. His hands shaking, grandpa would try to clean up his messes each night, with a tear in his eyes as the reproaches began.

The messes and scoldings began to increase until one night, the family could take no more. The clammering and clattering, the broken dishes and frayed nerves were finally put to an end when a wooden bowl and spoon were presented to grandpa. To reduce messes and enhance mealtime, we has sent to a separate table.

Occassionally, guilt would creep over the Mom and Dad as they saw grandpa's sad face.But then they would remember how hard it had been having him at the table and they would sigh, resignedly. One day, the mother found her son carving something with wood. "What are you making?" she asked the boy. He answered just as sweetly "I'm carving a spoon for you and daddy to use when you get old"