Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winning the Jewish Person

Well, I finally decided it was time.  I "bit the bullet" and went online to learn how to write Hebrew.  After all, Noone could ever stump me with "what does the ORIGINAL bible text say" if I knew Hebrew.
So online I went. The VERY FIRST site I visited had Isaih 53, side by side with the Hebrew text.
But as I read down further, I found that well over half of the chapter was completely gone.


Gone were the passages in it on the crucifixition.  They even declared (contrary to the scriptures), that Jesus had died from some disease (thought they don't claim the passage speaks of Jesus).
I found a guy online who addressed this.
His name is Ron Elki

He explained to me that Isaiah 53 used to be read in it's entirety clear through the 1950's.  But as Jewish people found their Messiah there, their Rabbi's began deleting whole portions of Isaiah 53.

Ron recommended that I read the Masoretic text published in 1917, to avoid any deletions.
You can access that here.