Friday, December 4, 2009

Ya'll come back now (not)

I write this post for any of you who have relatives that are, shall we say, above your league.
Mayve they have more money, more talent, more education, or think they have more intelligence.
Possibly, some of you have relations who think that they are more spiritual than you.
In short, they are "better than you", (they think), though never would they admit it.
How does this change of priority happen in a soul?
How can one family of siblings start out with nothing, value the eternal, and end up selling it all for a pot of gold?
Why do some people grow up valuing relationships, while others value the almighty dollar?
Some people calcualte their "net worth" by the money in their bank, etc.
When people ask me what my net worth is, do you know what I tell them?  I say "my networth is the blood of Jesus".  it's never know the value of something until someone puts a price on it.
And so, today, I leave you with this thought...what is your neighbor worth?
A hundred years from now, people may not remember what you wore, what car you drove, or the wit you possessed, but they will NEVER forget the way that you made them feel.