Thursday, September 24, 2009

If you are lukewarm

In Revelations, Jesus writes to the Christians and tells them that they have forgotten their first love.

They weren't hot. They weren't cold. They were just coasting. Not sinning, but not on fire. They went to church, read alittle, prayed a little, did a few good works. But they weren't passionate. They were coasting. They were lukewarm.
Sound familiar?
In short, they just tacked Sunday morning Christianity onto their everyday, busy lives.

They had lost their zeal.

So Jesus tells them how to get it back. He says
1)Remember the height from whence you've fallen.

Remember that high you felt back in the good old days when Jesus was everything?
(are you really remmembering right now?)
Take a real moment.

There it is...that sensitivity toward sin...that desire to serve God with all of your heart...that joy in your salvation....that desire to share it.

This leads into number 2
2)Do again the first works.

In marriage counseling, they say to repeat the romantic overtures with your mate that you did as a newly wed, (flowers, candy, praises)
Repeat often. The feelings will come.

Go ahead. Go tell someone about Jesus. Do it again. And again. Tell at least one person today.
Tell a little old lady. The mailman. A stranger. A relative. A teenager. A preteen. Tell a child. Watch what happens.
Just pick one person every day.
I hope to hear back from you.