Thursday, September 24, 2009

But I'm not smart enough

Even if you became a Christian yesterday, you know everything that you need to know to lead someone to Jesus.
Just talk about what Jesus has done for you.
Ask the spirit of God to give you specific words to say to each person.
When you feel that nudge, just open your mouth.

You don't have to be elegant, or even super confident.
You could even say,
"I'm not sure how to ask you this, but could I ask you a question"
"Do you have a relationship with Jesus"

Or, you could start a conversation about anything, and redirect it to Christianity...He will show you how.

Alot of people think that I am never nervous about witnessing. Usually,I'm not. I was picked on everyday of my life in school, and it made me tough. But there are sometimes that I do feel kind of uncomfortable.
Because sometimes, I know exactly what to say, and I have never met the listner.
That's right. With me, there's lots of times that God has me go say a specific word to someone that I've never met.


Here's how I do it.

"I know that I've never met you before, and I'm not sure how you will take this but there's something that I need to tell you"
Then, I just tell them.
After they pick there jaw up off the floor, and sputter about how the word was right on, they thank me.

One time, I was SUPER nervous, because the dude was in a business suit and i was (shall we say...)casual.
I felt like the Lord was telling me to just be open with him about my comfort level.
Here goes, Lord.
"I know that you don't know me, and you might think that I'm a religious fanatic, but there's something that God told me to tell you, and I am sure it's God."

Believe me, baby, he was all ears.
His eyes misted up, his look softened, and in a low, husky voice, he quietly thanked me.
I love it when God makes a hit.
Don't you feel ripped off?
Don't you want God to use you like that?
Just ask Him to, and be honest about your fears, your lukewarmness, your shyness, maybe your lack of real relationship.

After all, you can't tell others, with passion, how great God is when you hardly talk to him.
Do you know Jesus? If you don't, just ask him to forgive you, and come inside of you to live.
John 6:37 quotes Jesus as saying, "All who the Father gives me will come to me. And whoever comes to me, I will in no way turn away."