Sunday, October 3, 2010

The High Places

In scripture, there is a lot of mention about "high places".  I kept running into this term a lot, in the word, during my study time.  I asked the Lord to show me more about this.

 Here's what He showed me...The High Places were altars that the people prayed from, which were originally consecrated to the enemy.  Back in Old Testament times, the children of Israel were frequently rescued from idolotry.  After they repented, they would pray to the true God, but often from the pagan altars.

They were worshipping the true God, even though the framework was wrong.

Something clicked in my spirit when I read this:  I believe God is calling us to change our ways and our habits.
For me, this means becoming more structured in what I do, and finishing what I start.

My high place is disorganization
What's yours?