Sunday, July 25, 2010

Love the one your with

You know, it really doesn't make much sense..the people that I'm with the most, aren't always the ones that I treat the best.  Listen to what this saint in the lord wrote recently:

Before I was a Christian, I was more courteous nicer to friends than to my own family. I was more demanding and less forgiving with those dearest to me than with anyone else. [Read more...]
 I would love to be able to tell you that as a Christian, I have learned to be as polite to my family, as I am to strangers.  (Actually I can't tell you that I am always polite to any group of people...sometimes I'm bold, but come across, well, as cold) But I think I can confidently say that for the most part, I take more pains to come across as courteous with people I don't know, than with my own children.
This is an easy  one...see, I know that my kids know the Lord.  I don't know if that stranger walking toward me has ever met Jesus. So, I want to be Jesus to him.
But what I have to constantly remind myself is, I need to be Jesus to everyone...especially my own children.  Evangelistic at heart, my main focus on my behavior is,"How will this affect souls?"  In other words, every smile I give, every favor I offer, I do with eternity in mind,.  But what about my children? Don't I want them to enter eternity joyful, having run the race with a good attitude?
This blogger's post really has got me thinking.
I was recently watching this Piano player names Kim Collingsworth.  She is absolutely phenomenal.  And yet, for all of her talent, there is a certain something you feel about can feel that she lives her faith.  I can catch glimpses on stage of her tender concern for her family.  No matter how great her ministry is, it seems that it would not be as 24 Karat if her family was not so close knit.
I want my relationship with my family to enhance my ministry.
If you are reading this post right now, would you please stop and pray for my family?  Some days, it seems like none of us are on the same page.